Passionate and dedicated SAMBA DANCERS

Latin dance forms are the most reputed and famous of all dance forms because of their fun and frolic nature. The dancer, as well as the audience, enjoys it thoroughly. There are many forms of Latin dance forms, out of which samba is the most chosen. It is lively, rhythmic and full of passion. Samba dancers are religiously dedicated to their dance form which is reflected in their performances.

Costumes employed by samba dancers

Samba dancers are supposed to wear body-hugging, colorful and shimmery costumes that go in sync with the elements of this dance form. The tight costumes help a person to move his/her body freely. The tempo for Samba music is quite fast. Keeping count of it is very important. The general steps are forward and back basic step. The steps are similar for both male and female. The female partner needs only to follow in the other order, starting with right foot following the male and moving with him.

 Benefits involved with samba

Samba dancing may sound only as fun, especially for anyone living not in the native land. But in Brazil, this activity is taken very seriously by amateur and professional samba dancers. People also reap a whole lot of other benefits from samba dancing. An illustration of such is the proper breathing that is done during the dance. Proper breathing can help the body a lot because it allows the body cells to be properly oxygenated. Another advantage is that the body is able to move in a number of ways during the dance which exercises all the muscles and bones too. These movements when done repeatedly can also make one lose weight. Other than the muscles gaining flexibility, the strength of a person also increases.

Samba dancers and entertainment

Many people while organizing a party or event look forward in keeping entertainment as the key element. Even a serious event requires an element of fun so that it can create a perfect mood for the guests. Many organizers have Rio carnival dancers for hire to add up the glamour quotient and keep the guest’s entertained with spectacular performances. The dance form is filled with glamour, passion, and style.

Dance My Way Latin Brazilian Dance Company is a multi-award winner dance school in London. They provide Brazilian Samba Classes and create expert samba dancers. Contact them today to avail their services.



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