Few Facts to Know About the Samba Dancers

Celebrations have always been an important part in human existence.  Our ways of celebration have always been innovative and awaited. But something common ever since ages is music and dance. Every celebration is incomplete without a dance and music party. Earlier, being just a way of celebration, now dancing is a profession. There are many different forms of dance belonging to different places on earth. Some of the most popular dance forms are salsa, hip hop, kathak, samba, Zumba, afro jack, and much more. Talking especially about samba here, samba is an afro- Brazilian dance form which involves a lot of hip and knee movements. Samba dancers are one of a kind as they are highly flexible.

samba dancers

Different aspects of samba dancing:

Samba is a very popular dance form which involves a technical use of the legs and hips. There are many different parts of samba like the most common form of samba is samba no pe. It is the most traditional form of dance and is widely performed on the streets of Brazil in carnivals. It is the oldest form of samba and hence involves the most traditional steps. The samba tempo is incredibly speeding. Having learned the steps and techniques properly, you will indulge yourself in it just like the samba dancers. The beat is a triple time one, means that there are three steps taken in every two beats that count up to 100 beats per minute. It is one of the most pumped up dance forms on earth. Samba is one of the unique dance forms as it can be performed solo, duet or in a group. Everyone in a group may perform individually and still, the audience will not feel the distance. It is one of a kind dance form

DanceMyWay Latin Brazilian Dance Company is one of the best dance schools based in London. They are a multi-award winner dancing school that has professional samba dancers and Brazilian dancers as their teachers. They even offer amazing Brazilian dancers for certain occasions like birthday parties or TV shows.



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